How to complete flisp application

FLISP, or the Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme, is a South African government initiative aimed at helping low to moderate-income earners own homes. This subsidy assists individuals in covering their housing costs, making homeownership more accessible for those who may struggle to afford it otherwise. Here’s how you can fill out the FLISP application form … Read more

How to Check Status of flisp Application

Contact the NHFC or your relevant DHS office directly for details regarding the status of your subsidy application. It takes the NHFC about 7 days to process your subsidy application from receiving a fully completed application form with all required supporting documents. If you have not received a response, you can contact the NHFC to … Read more

How to Apply for flisp Application

What is FLISP? FLISP is Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme which provides a subsidy to qualifying beneficiaries who have secured mortgage finance to acquire an existing house or a vacant residential serviced stand linked to a house construction contract. The subsidy is paid to your bank or financial institution in order to reduce the initial … Read more

Who can apply for KZN Nursing Application

ndividuals can apply to study nursing if they meet the following criteria. An individual must… Individuals who completed school before 2008 must have scored a maximum of 6 relevant highest score subjects on their Grade 12 certificate. How do I apply for academic admission 2025 1. Click button apply for 2025 to complete your profile. … Read more

Requirements for KZN Nursing Application

Programmes Offered by KwaZulu-Natal College of Nursing New Nursing Programmes Diploma in Nursing (R171) The Diploma in Nursing is a full time programme offered over the duration of three (3) years. It follows a block system for theory and work integrated learning for integration of theory and practice.Advanced Diploma in Midwifery (R1497) The Advanced Diploma … Read more

How to apply for KZN Nursing Application

Applicants must apply online by following the KZN College of Nursing website. Here’s the step by step guide on how to apply to study Nursing at KZN College of Nursing. KwaZulu Natal College of Nursing Step 1: Visit the KZN College of Nursing Website  Step 2: Click the button “apply for 2024” to complete your profile. … Read more

KZN Nursing Application Status Check

While applicants can check their application status to study nursing on the KZN College of Nursing Website. Only successful applicants will be notified about the outcome of their applications.  Click Here to Check your application status The KZNCN is a public nursing college that is offering programmes accredited by the South African Nursing Council (SANC) … Read more

Guide to Late University Applications in South Africa

If you missed the initial university application deadlines, don’t worry! Many universities in South Africa offer late application periods. This guide will help you understand why universities allow late applications and how to apply. Why Do Universities Allow Late Applications?Universities know that sometimes students face delays due to various reasons like financial issues or not … Read more

Detailed Guide on FLISP Application

The Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme (FLISP) is designed to help first-time home buyers in South Africa to purchase a home by providing them with financial assistance. This guide will walk you through the application process, eligibility criteria, and provide answers to common questions about the FLISP subsidy. What is FLISP? FLISP is a subsidy … Read more