Babogaya Resort, Bishoftu, Ethiopia

TourismBabogaya Resort, Bishoftu, Ethiopia Welcome to Babogaya, a five star resort in the making.
Babogaya Resort is a luxury design blended into one of Bishoftu’s enchanting crater lakes, with all the special glimmers of a charming resort hotel and all of the authentic gems of a genuine African escape.
Lake Babogaya Resort offers the perfect combination – the ambiance of a seven star hotel, with the amenities of a five star hotel.
Dotted with colorful flowers and known for its panoramic views, our resort is conveniently located in the heart of the historic Lake District, making it an ideal destination for business and leisure travelers alike.
If you are staying in Addis Ababa, we are just 60 minutes away by car…


Babogaya Resort

House # 644 Kebele 09 Babogaya Bishoftu Debrezeit, Bishoftu, Ethiopia,