Capturists/Data Entry Technician Job Description, Skill & Requirements

Capturists/Data Entry Technician Job Description, Skill & Requirements

Capturists are responsible for keeping track of the activities carried out by employees and the various departments of a company or organization. These professionals collect, organize, manage and update data and information, introducing them into databases and other computer systems, that is, they work with texts and numerical data to transform said information to the required format.

Capturists work under the supervision of Database Administrators and usually work for all types of companies or organizations, both public and private.

Capturists are also known as Data Recorder, Data Processor, Information Tab, Data Recorder, Transcriber, Data Entry Technician, Digitizers

Responsibilities of Capturists

Here are the most common functions of a Capturist:

  • Collect information and data from the different departments of a company or organization through the registration of invoices, forms, records and other similar documents.
  • Compile figures, statistical data, transactions and any other type of information and enter it into computer systems and databases, using the necessary tools (computer, keyboard, etc.):
  • Update, import and export information between different computer systems.
  • Ensure that data and information are stored in an organized manner for easy retrieval, access, extraction and interpretation.
  • Verify and evaluate the accuracy, consistency and integrity of the information.
  • Find and correct errors in the information log or report them to a superior.
  • Scan, print and save documents, both in physical and digital format.
  • Control the distribution of information and ensure its correct migration, ensuring that all confidential information is protected against unauthorized persons.
  • Manage storage, backup and information retrieval process:
  • Keep a record of the activities carried out and the work carried out.
  • Generate graphs and other diagrams to interpret and present data more easily.
  • Perform office duties when necessary:
  • Answer the phone and transfer calls.
  • Answer emails and distribute correspondence.
  • Perform administrative activities.
  • Archive documents.
  • Transcribe dictations.
  • In certain cases, design new databases and improve existing ones.

Daily tasks of Capturists

  • Import data and enter information into the corresponding computer systems.
  • Verify and evaluate the accuracy, consistency and integrity of the information.
  • Interpret, present, export and / or share data to respond to requests for information.
  • Ensure the protection of the information of unauthorized persons.
  • Back up information frequently.

Capturist Required Skills

Candidate Profile

  • Analytical ability and ability to resolve conflicts:
  • Collect and analyze information effectively.
  • Read and interpret data effectively.
  • Resolve conflicts efficiently and quickly.
  • Self-sufficient, thorough and thorough:
  • Being able to work without supervision, having your own initiative and good judgment.
  • Document, record and verify information efficiently and carefully.
  • Enter and review information carefully and efficiently.
  • Ensure compliance with specifications.
  • Being able to stay focused when performing repetitive and monotonous work.
  • Administrative Capabilities:
  • Being able to process texts, use spreadsheets and, especially, manage databases.
  • Type quickly and accurately; Being able to type 40 to 60 words per minute.
  • Know how to use and manage office equipment (photocopiers and printers).
  • Organized and able to manage your time effectively:
  • Being organized and detailed, able to prioritize tasks properly, complying with the established time periods without letting it affect the quality of your work.
  • Being able to handle several tasks at the same time and work under pressure in a dynamic and active environment.
  • Excellent communication skills:
  • Communicate clearly, especially in writing, to be able to present information in an explicit and organized manner.
  • Flexible, responsive and creative:
  • Handle information requests effectively and effectively.
  • Be willing to learn and be able to adapt quickly to different situations.
  • Have extensive knowledge about procedures, guidelines and general processes.
  • Reliable and proactive:
  • Being able to handle confidential information.

Data Entry Technician/Capturist Requirements

  • Capturists, also known as Digitizers, transfer large amounts of written information to a computer so that other users can find and use it for different purposes. These professionals work with words or numbers and by entering the information in the appropriate format, they allow other users to have access to specific data to perform specific tasks.
  • Many Capturists also dedicate part of their time to other office tasks, processing texts or performing administrative tasks, such as photocopying, archiving documents and answering the telephone.
  • Currently, the role of the Capturist is evolving, since his tasks have diversified over time, so that he can also act as Administrative Assistant or Database Assistant.
  • The minimum educational level to obtain the job of Capturist is to have finished high school. However, nowadays, more and more employers tend to prefer candidates with Bachelor’s degrees in Administration or related careers.
  • Most Capturist jobs require 6 months to 1 year of experience in the area, a medium/advanced mastery of the Office package, especially Excel (spreadsheets) and know how to manage databases.
  • Having general computer skills can be very beneficial for the candidate who applies for this job.
  • Capturists must be willing to work regular office hours, these will depend exclusively on the business hours of each company, organization or office. In addition, you should be able to stand or sit for an extended period of time.