Did Ken Griffin Lied Under Oath, Is He Going To Jail? His Net Worth 2021

Did Ken Griffin Lied Under Oath, Is He Going To Jail? His Net Worth 2021 Kenneth C. Griffin, the Citadel CEO, is suspected of lying under oath. Is he going to jail? Stay connected to find out what he lied about.

The CEO Kenneth C. Griffin is making headlines as he is suspected of lying under oath. The House Committee ordered Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev and Citadel CEO Ken Griffin to testify about their involvement in the recent case.

When questioned if he had any contact with Robinhood’s CEO, he said emphatically, “Let me be totally clear, absolutely not.”

However, evidence of him lying under oath is progressively emerging in the form of documents and proof.

Who Is Kenneth C. Griffin

Kenneth Cordele Griffin is an American hedge fund manager, entrepreneur, and investor. He is the creator, chief executive officer, co-chief investment officer, and 85 percent owner of Citadel LLC, a multinational venture capitalist and the biggest market maker in the United States,

Griffin has collaborated with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to promote charter schools in the United States and to provide funding for tutoring.

Did Kenneth C. Griffin Really Lie While Under Oath?

Kenneth C. Griffin was under oath when he lied about his involvement with Robinhood

When a US representative questioned about the involvement with Robinhood he simply denied it.

The Citadel CEO further said that there was no deposition among his company’s employees. However, evidence of his continuous communication with Robinhood was discovered.

Many documents have gone viral on the internet, and critics have referenced them.

Those documents ostensibly point to a possible link between Ken and his assailant.

According to the records, the Robinhood COO informed Vlad Tenev about their meeting with Citadel. Vlad responds by expressing his want to speak with Kenneth.

Is Kenneth C. Griffin Going To Jail

If the documents claiming his involvement are proven to be true, Ken Griffin might face jail time. Ken is without a doubt going to get in a lot of trouble for lying.

His claim that he has no ties to Robin Hood was met with immediate condemnation. The critics were able to obtain the documents that will serve as proof of his deception. A succession of chat screens was seen in the released data, indicating that they would meet.

Kenneth C. Griffin Net Worth 2021

Griffin’s net worth is believed to be between US$16 billion and US$21 billion. He is the second wealthiest man in Illinois and the fourtyfifth richest man in the United States.

He has donated tens of millions of dollars to political politicians and groups, mostly those associated with the Republican Party.

He has an art collection worth $800 million and several personal properties worth more than $1 billion.