DJ Clue ft. Murda Inc. & MurdaChild’s Murda Murda (Freestyle) Lyrics

MusicDJ Clue ft. Murda Inc. & MurdaChild’sMurda Murda (Freestyle) Lyrics

(Over the “Holla Holla” Instrumental)

Verse One: DMX

Murda Murda I’m the nigga y’all heard of
Keep the game tight wit Clumanati and ???Dura???
Shit be hot time to reach the top
The I N C got new York on Lock
Let’s hit the Hot Spot with Foxy Brown
Let’s go with Craig G back to Uptown
Nigga fucks wit us nigga gets beatdown
Remember the theory, dogs can’t drown
My shit be bootlegged, more than any other rapper
I say fuck it, like EPMD with ???
So when the lights go out, you fuck or die
And when the cops question you, you lie or die

Hook: Ja Rule

Murda Murda, everytime Clue be like
Word Up, Word Up — can’t stop the Murda like
Headrush Headrush, get your shit right
and bounce wit the Murda Murda
Say What? (Repeated)

Verse Two: Jay-Z

Step it Up
Jay-Z and INC, bout to Lay it up
Cajz(Casual) or what >>>Hell yeah, nigga
My Mother fuckin name >>>Jigga Jigga
With the motherfuckin >>>Murda Murda
So get it right, don’t get it fucked up
Or I just might have to blow your motherfuckin head up
Cause I go from lyrically strong to lyrically fit
And I’m ready to shit
On anybody who be wantin’ to
To talk shit about it
Cause I be motherfuckin Jay-Z
and one third of the group, they call Murder I-N-C


Verse Thre: MurdaChild

Type of nigga, that’ll turn buckwild
Throw pain to dat ass, for fuckin up the rotation
(What?) Puff Puff Pass
My rhymes and lyrics be strictly the illest
and cause them niggaz feelin’ this
They might make a album, featuring me
a freestyle or somethin with the I-N-C
I’ll come through like M.I.B., erase ya memory
Cause DMX said they ain’t ready for a nigga like me
Don’t forget y’all, when it comes to stackin chips
to drivin whips, there ain’t no competition
This shit here is my motherfuckin mission
And yes, I choose to accept it
Me and Clumanati are about to wreck it
So yo Ja Rule
Set It!