Does Jack Strain Have Children? Everything On Former St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Found Guilty Of Sexual Assault

Does Jack Strain Have Children? Everything On Former St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Found Guilty Of Sexual Assault

Does Jack Strain have children? Know everything about the former St. Tammany Parish Sheriff convicted of sexual assault.

Jack Strain is a former St. Tammany Parish Sheriff who has now been found guilty of all counts related to sexual assault and incest.

Similarly, he is also the former five-time head law enforcement officer and held a powerful position in the area.

Fox8 now reports that the evidence was enough to bring down such a powerful person after Strain was convicted of eight different charges.

He is found guilty of several charges such as aggravated rape, aggravated incest, sexual battery and a couple more with at least five recognized victims.

Amid the reports, the attention has eventually shifted towards the personal life of the former Sheriff Strain.

Thus, here is everything available to know about Jack Strain and his family life.

Does Jack Strain Have Children?

As things stand, it is thought that Jack Strain doesn’t have any children of his own.

Apparently, there are no reports online that mention Jack’s children and other details about his kids.

There are talks of him sexually assaulting several children in their teens but we couldn’t find any hints about his own children at the time of writing.

On the other hand, he might have kept them far from the media coverage for their privacy.

Regardless, there is no information if Jack Strain has any children.

Jack Strain Wife Lisa: Is He Still Married?

Jack Strain is indeed still married to his wife of 37 years, Lisa.

Strain and his wife Lisa first met each other during the early 80s but they didn’t have a film-like love story at the first sight.

WDSU reports that the couple met each other when Jack pulled Lisa over and wrote her a ticket when she was 16 years old.

Furthermore, the couple didn’t talk for a year until they reunited and later got married.

Now that her husband is convicted of several sexual assault charges, Lisa hasn’t yet left her husband and is standing strong beside her husband.

Jack Strain Family And pedia

Apparently, there is no information about Jack Strain’s family members, other than his wife Lisa.

Similarly, Strain doesn’t have a pedia bio page as well.

Hence, because of the lack of his detailed pedia page and reports containing his personal life information, his other family members are unknown.

Actually, Jack always opted to live a low key life on the media and didn’t open much about his personal family life.

Jack Strain Charges

Jack Strain is found guilty of several charges of sexual assault such as aggravated rape and incest.

Strain is reported to have been found guilty of eight total charges which also includes indecent behaviour with a juvenile and sexual battery, besides the above-mentioned charges.

Furthermore, five victims took the matter to the court as they stood up bravely against the assault they faced.

However, there are speculations that there might be other victims as well, as reports mention Jack assaulting children for multiple years.