Fact Check: Is Ellen Burstyn Muslim? Religion Explored -Everything To Know

Fact Check: Is Ellen Burstyn Muslim? Religion Explored -Everything To Know

Ellen Burstyn, 88 years old American actress, has been rumored about being Muslim. Is it true? She has been awarded several awards.

Ellen Burstyn’s acting debut happened on Broadway when she was 24 years old. That opened up her gates to television shows, and it took a while to reach her to popular film ‘The Last Picture Show’ in 1971.

After being nominated for the award for this movie, she appeared in “The Exorcist.” Likewise, she is the winner of two Primetime Emmy Awards.

She has been serving as a co-president of Actors Studio since the year 2000, which is a drama school situated in New York City. On the other hand, the American Theatre Hall Of Fame has included her fabulous work on stage for her work.

As per her social media, she is currently at her home in NYC, reading books and poems.

Is Ellen Burstyn Muslim? Religion Explored

Ellen Burstyn follows every religion, including Muslims, as she calls herself a spirit that is open to every religion. However, she was born in a Christian family and raised Catholic by her parents John and Correine.

Her religious expedition began at the age of 30 years. Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan happens to be her Muslim instructor, who named her ‘Hadiya.’ Hadiya is a spiritual name that means “she who is guided” in the Arabic language.

She calls Guan Yin, a Buddhist way of life, her favorite spiritual practice, along with being a devotee of Hindu god Ganesha and a follower of Sufism.

Ellen Burstyn Husband

Ellen Burstyn has been a wife to three husbands in her lifetime. Bill Alexander was her first husband who remained in her life from 1950 to 1957. Similarly, her second marriage with Paul Roberts failed when they adopted a child together in 1961.

Actor Neil Nephew appeared as her third husband, who changed his surname to Burstyn. They remained happily married for eight years, and then Neil left because of his Schizophrenia.

Ellen Burstyn Children

Ellen Burstyn has been a mother to many children on the screen but has one child she adopted alongside her second husband. The son Jefferson Roberts was brought into the parental custody of Ellen and Paul in 1961.

Paul tried to reach her and tortured her for six years. He, i.e., Jefferson’s legal father, ended up committing suicide in 1978. Ellen has described this in her autobiography “Lessons On Becoming Myself,” which was released in 2006.