George ft. Krus-D & Carlos F’s Cry (Remix) Lyrics

MusicGeorge ft. Krus-D & Carlos F’sCry (Remix) Lyrics

I’ll always want to fall for you
I’ll never want to feel this broken too
Blown here on a fire to you
It’s both and more of all we do

Seems like I never really know
Just what it is that brings us down to this
All around no need to show
Revelations come and go

And when you want the time to
work this world out right
You know it’s hard, so won’t you
Cry on my shoulder

We lie between the shores of hope
Digging ditches, hidden rises and unknown
Pure golden days would come
One light, so bright, so I go


When you can’t change what you see
Can’t define your enemy
Looking for a vaccine
Won’t you save yourself…