How much does it cost to charge an Electric car?

ListHow much does it cost to charge an Electric car?

A major concern about electric car users is issued that has to do with charging the vehicles. 

In the United States today, electric car owners do 80% of their charging at home, adding to their electricity costs

If you are charging in your home, find your electric bill, then divide the number of kilowatt-hours you used into the bottom-line dollar total. That’ll give you the price you paid per kWh.  Average U.S. households pay about 12 cents/kWh, but it varies widely across the country.

So if you typically drive your car 1,000 miles a month, then you’ll need at least 250 kWh to charge it properly. At 13 cents per kWh, that will cost you $32.50 a month.

Solar panels on your home are another way to provide the energy to charge your car. However, installing solar panels plus the EVSE for charging your car can be expensive.

The cost of a 10 kWh solar panel system can range from $17,000 to $23,000, after federal solar tax credits.