How to open strong chests in spyro

How ToHow to open strong chests in spyro

How do you open the locked treasure chest in Spyro?

The player known as the Portal Master in the game is the only one who open the locked chest by shaking the locks off in order to release the chest’s contents, which contains gems, treasure, or accessories.

How do you open the metal chest in Cliff town Spyro?

Glide over to the roof and flame the Firework to set it off; it’ll break open the Sealed Chest!

How do you unlock the chest in Spyro Stone Hill?

On the beach you’ll find a few gems and a hidden cave. Within that cave will be a bunch of chests and the key that has escaped you for so long. Once you pick up the key, return to the main starting area and jump down into the well to find the chest that it can be used on.

How do you open the chest in Spyro in Magic Crafters?

A Key will be inside of it. Go all the way back to the top of the Supercharge ramp, and now Supercharge into the tunnel, out the exit and into the Sealed Chest to make it release its one Pink Gem.

Where is chest in magic crafters?

The Key can be found by gliding across the pool of ooze behind the Portal to Wizard Peak, then Gliding into the back of the building in the pool. To find the Strong Chest that the Key opens, Go to the top of the Supercharge Ramp where the Portal to High Caves is, then Glide around the cliff wall and into the cave.

How many levels are in Magic Crafters?

Magic Crafters is the third home location visited in Spyro the Dragon. As in the previous case, the location includes 1″flying” level, 2 standard levels, and 1 boss level.

How do you get 100 on Magic Crafters Spyro?

What portals are in Magic Crafters?


  • Alpine Ridge.
  • High Caves.
  • Wizard Peak.
  • Crystal Flight.
  • Blowhard (Boss)

How do you get across in Magic Crafters?

What levels are in Magic Crafters Spyro?

Magic CraftersLevel NameDragonsGemsMagic Crafter Home3 Dragons300 GemsAlpine Ridge4 Dragons500 GemsHigh Caves3 Dragons500 GemsWizard Peak3 Dragons500 Gems•Sep 5, 2019

Where is hidden painting in high caves?

The High Caves hidden painting can be accessed via Cyrus’ pad up the route with the Tornado Wizards from the start of the level. From here, Glide across the platforms with the Green Druids and into the room at the end. In the entry doorway, spin the camera to the right-hand wall to spot the painting high up.

Where is the 4th Dragon in Alpine Ridge?

Dragon #4: Kelvin

On the right-hand mountainside is a tunnel entrance in front of three tall platforms. Glide over to it and Kelvin will be practically next to you.

How do you get 100 in Alpine Ridge?