How to pronounce pulchritude

How ToHow to pronounce pulchritude

How do you use pulchritude in a sentence?

(1) Her dress shows her pulchritude to advantage. (2) Her youngster and pulchritude could expose her to danger . (3) The woman done not don’t love of pulchritude, to own face base”spiteful hand” like this also need equal prowess. (4) From waste and death comes such incredible pulchritude.

What is the full meaning of pulchritude?

Pulchritude means physical beauty or attractiveness. Pulchritude is a fancy (and outdated) way of talking about how someone or something is good-looking. The adjective form of pulchritude is pulchritudinous, meaning beautiful.

How do we pronounce pulchritudinous?

What is the antonym of pulchritude?

What is the opposite of pulchritude?uglinesshideousnessrepulsivenessunbecomingnessunseemlinessineleganceoffensivenessroughnesshomeliness