Is ‘Hawkeye’ Actress Alaqua Cox Deaf? Everything On Her Parents And Family

Is ‘Hawkeye’ Actress Alaqua Cox Deaf? Everything On Her Parents And Family

Hawkeye cast Alaqua Cox was born deaf, she has will be appearing on the screens portraying the role of Echo, who is also one of two marvel’s deaf superheroes. 

Alaqua Cox is an American actress. She made her huge debut in the entertainment industry with a major role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe MCU as superhero Echo. She will be appearing on the new MCU television series Hawkeye.

She will be portraying the role of the adopted daughter of MCU’s comic supervillain Kingpin. The character is one of few deaf comic characters in the MCU comics. Her character is a supporting character of Daredevil in the comics.

Let us learn more about Alaqua Cox and take a closer look at her parents and age.

Is Alaqua Cox Deaf?

Yes, actress Alaqua Cox is deaf, she was born deaf according to her  pedia profile.

Despite being born with impaired hearing, the actress has made her grand debut in the entertainment industry.

She is portraying a deaf character in the television series and we can expect some authentic acting from the actress which may prove to be very beneficial for her future in the entertainment industry.

Information about Alaqua going through any medical treatment to rectify her inability to hear has not come to the surface yet.

What Is Alaqua Cox Age?

Actress Alaqua Cox’s actual age could be 23 or 24 years old as of September 2021.

She was born in the year 1997 but her actual date of birth has not come to the surface yet.

Due to the lack of information about her actual date of birth, her fans and followers are having a hard time wishing the actress on her birthday.

Cox was born in Menominee Indian Reservation, Wisconsin, United States of America, and is a native American.

Who Are Alaqua Cox Parents?

Alaqua Cox was born to her parents Elena Heath and Bill Cox.

However, the actress has not provided further information about her parents including their occupation on the web yet.

She has two siblings in her family named Jordy and Katie. But information about her other family members has not come to the surface yet.

Cox has not revealed much about her personal life on the web and she seems to prefer privacy and tries to keep her digital footprint very low.

Does Alaqua Cox Have Boyfriend?

Alaqua Cox is currently engaged with her boyfriend turned fiance.

The couple has been dating for over 3 years now but she has not let her fans into her relationship yet.

Cox has not revealed the name of her prince charm yet to her fans and followers or on the web but they share pictures together on their social media accounts.

Is Alaqua Cox Related To Charlie Cox?

Alaqua Cox and Charlie Cox are not related by blood or have any kind of connection.

Although Alaqua and Charlie share their last name Cox, they do not seem to be related by blood.

They have some similarities like they both are actors but they have their differences as well, Alaqua is native American whereas Charlie is a British actor.