Is Lawrence Pollard Leaving World Today? Fans Are Curious Post His Absence From The BBC Show

Is Lawrence Pollard Leaving World Today? Fans Are Curious Post His Absence From The BBC Show

Is Lawrence Pollard Leaving World Today? Confirm whether the veteran BBC employee is leaving his workplace or not with us here below!

Lawrence Pollard is the remarkable BBC broadcaster.

He has often been cited as one of the top broadcasters in the BBC office.

Pollard, too, keeping his work performance, as usual, has explored the whole BBC through various positions throughout his career.

Now that the news of him leaving the company has hit the public, his fans are quite disheartened to lose him.

Is Lawrence Pollard Leaving World Today?

Lawrence Pollard is confirmed to be leaving BBC World News Today, per the recent confirmation by Dickens Olewe on Twitter.

Olewe is also a BBC journalist currently reporting for BBC Kenya.

Along with Olewe, many of Pollard’s fellow BBC co-workers have paid tribute to him, confirming the rumors.

Meanwhile, the exact reason behind Pollard’s farewell to BBC is yet to come into knowledge.

It is quite surprising to see a veteran employee and viewers-favorite broadcaster leaving BBC, one of the biggest media platforms in the world.

We hope Pollard will soon come forward explaining his reasons.

Where is The Reporter Lawrence Pollard Going?

Lawrence Pollard has not shared where he is going after his BBC venture.

His Havana politics report, economic catastrophe in Las Vegas, and film in Ouagadougou are among his impressive works.

Pollard is experienced in radio news and television as a producer and presenter.

An experienced and top fellow in broadcasting, it is for sure that uncountable opportunities are awaiting him forward.

The BBC veteran is quite a pioneer figure to be leaving the company today.

Since Pollard has yet to address his leave from BBC, he also has to talk about his future career plans.

Are Lawrence Pollard Retirement Rumors True or Not?

Lawrence Pollard is leaving BBC to announce his retirement from his journalist career, says the recent rumors.

However, the rumors are yet to be confirmed.

The rumors probably started as Pollard has not given any public statement on his leave from the company.

The Londoner artisan-broadcaster still has to inspire the younger generation of journalists.