Izzie Balmer Brother: Is She Related To Charles Hanson?

Izzie Balmer Brother: Is She Related To Charles Hanson?

Izzie Balmer is the new favorite BBC’s Antiques Road Trip expert who has been igniting her appearance from the day she has gone on the trip with her co-star Charles Ross. Stick with us to get more information about Izzie Balmer.

After Izzie Balmer graduated she found herself with her parents, with no job and experience. So her mom suggested working at a local auction house where she found her passion.

After interning there for a fortnight she was ready to work as a full-timer. There she ignited her passion for antiques and went to study at Birmingham’s School of jewelry.

While presenting her views on jewelry she always speaks about her love and how depth of a fan she is of jewelry and sparkly things. Izzie has appeared in various tv series related to auctioning and searching antiques; some of them are Bargain Hunt, Flog It, and BBC’s daytime show called Street Auction.

Recently her appearance in BBC’s Antiques Road Trip with experts like Charles Hanson has excited people to know about their relationship and they wanna know that if Charles Hanson is Izzie’s brother?

Izzie Balmer Brother: Is She Related to Charles Hanson?

The brother of Izzie Balmer is Hugh Balmer who is 29 years old. Izzy Balmer and Charles Hanson have a relation of employee and an employer which is also in the TV show antique road trip.

Charles Hanson is a Hansons Auctioneers owner and a charity auctioneer who has appeared in tv shows like Bargain Hunt and Antiques Road Trip, he is too elderly than Izzie and also has a lot of experience.

Charles has hosted the BBC’s hit show multiple times than Izzie, however, Izzie had an opportunity to work with one of the best experts in the field and was way too grateful.

What is Izzie Balmer’s Age?

The age of the auctioneer Izzie Balmer is estimated to be around 31 to 33 years old according to various informed sites. As Izzie has a bit more experience than she had when she was younger, her work is more valued in the marketplace.

It took a while to come to this position for Izzie and to get the recognition she had never thought of. Anyway, there is still a long way to go for Izzie in her career.

Her young age and huge experience are taking her to places and giving her the prospects to explore more throughout her journey.

Izzie Balmer Bio And Family Details

Izzie Balmer grew up in Quarndorn, Derby with her parents and brother which created a strong bond between her and her family members.

Her mother Sheila and father Toby have always been supportive of every decision of her and they have also shown her the path whenever she is out of her vision. Due to their decisions, we know Izzie as she is recognized today.

Izzie works as an auctioneer and dealer at Wiltshire’s auction room.

After Izzie found her love for Jewelry, she gemmology diploma and a diamond diploma at Birmingham’s School of Jewelry. And the rest is history.

Izzie Balmer Instagram And Net Worth Explored

Izzie Balmer is equally famous on her Instagram as she is in the outer world. She is followed by an astounding number of followers who love her work and her lifestyle.

Though Izzie had to struggle at the beginning of her career where she had no job and money, today as a result of her hard work and passion she has collected a surprising net worth which is supposed to be around 100k to 300 thousand dollars.

Izzie and her family are proud of her achievements and continue to believe in what they do.