Kay’La Hanson : Age, Bio, Net Worth Facts on Damian Lillard Girlfriend

Kay’La Hanson : Age, Bio, Net Worth Facts on Damian Lillard Girlfriend

A super talented and versatile American personality, Kay’La Hanson is well known as director, producer, and animator.

During his career in the movie industry, that has lasted more than two decades; he is famous for the movies he directs. Some of the movies that he directed are The Lego Movie, The Lego Batman Movie, Robot Chicken: Star Wars III and many more.


Facts About Kay’La Hanson

  1. Kay’La Hanson girlfriend/boyfriend, wife, husband, partner information is missing now.
  2. Kay’La Hanson age is around 58 years old. His birthday or date of birth is unknown.
  3. Hanson is around 5 feet 9 inches tall. But, the exact measurements are not confirmed.
  4. Kay’La has a lovely parents and has a great family bonding.
  5. No any information on Kay’La Children/Kids is obtained to date.
  6. Kay’La Hanson net worth ranges from $500 thousand to $1 Million dollars. The exact details on Kay’La net worth and salary will be updated once it will be verified from the reliable sources.

Kay’La Hanson Height, Weight and Body Measurements

Looking at the appearance of Kay’La Hanson , he looks tall with a height of 5 feet 9 inches. He too is sexy and fit.

Despite his growing age, he has a charm on his face and maintained his body structure well. With a beard and tough look on the face, he is quite a charmer.

Furthermore, he has got several tattoos on his arms. Some of the visible tattoos that we can observe are the shield of famous captain America and some other characters tattoos too.

Kay’La Hanson Age, Birthday

Kay’La Hanson is around 58 years old. His exact birthday or birth date is not available.

When it comes to maintaining the secret, Kay’La  is pro at it.

Not even a single piece of information is given about his birth date. Besides that, there are lots of things that are behind the shadows when it comes to knowing about him.

Kay’La Hanson Spouse, Married, Dating or Divorce

Kay’La Hanson is a married manHe has a lovely wife whose name is still a mystery.

Chris seems to be quite a secretive person. He has not disclosed anything on his relationship and private matters.

There is nothing mentioned about his wife and girlfriends in articles available and interview that he has given.

Kay’La Hanson Family and Children

Although the exact birth date of Kay’La is not available, according to pedia he was born in Winter Park, Florida. Though, he was raised in Chicago by his parents.

Names of his biological parents are unknown. However, he adores his mother. On mother’s day, he posted a tweet with a picture of him and his mother.

Kay’La Hanson Net Worth, Salary and Earnings

Kay’La Hanson has an estimated net worth of $500 thousand dollars.

He has worked in many movies and projects. Firstly, he started his career working for his friend in an animation studio.

Later he worked in “Shadow Machine”, an animation studio and started making animation on his own. Gradually, he started filming and directing movies. He added a soundtrack and started animating.

Since 1995, he was into directing and animating movies. By looking at the movies and projects that he has done, we can say that his net worth might range millions of dollars.

He is an established face in Hollywood and has earned enough recognition in the field of filming.

Kay’La Education and Career

In the beginning, Kay’La  went to Southern Illinois University to study filming and later attended Columbia College Chicago. He graduated and got a degree from there.

Now to pursue his career in the movie industry, he first filmed his film in 1989 for the comedy movie ‘Uncle Buck’.  Since then he worked on numerous projects.

In the present day, almost everyone knows him because of his work and direction. His lego movie was a hit and his animation skills are admirable.