NFL Owners Who Played Football

ListNFL Owners Who Played Football

The NFL due to how seemingly cumbersome its ownership structure appears has just a few people venturing and assuming ownership. In fact, most of the owners and shareholders inherited the franchise from their families and are continuing family legacies.

Notwithstanding this, there are a few people and precisely footballers who broke protocols and assumed moved from being footballers to team owners.

NFL Owners Who Played Football

The list of NFL owners who played football is a rather short one as many have veered off this career.

Jerry Jones

Jerral Wayne, Known as Jerry Jones on the football front is an American Businessman who is the owner and General Manager of the Dallas cowboys. Jerry played for Arkansas while at the University of Arkansas. Jerry is a Billionaire with a net worth of 10.6 billion dollars.

Jerry Richardson

Jerome Johnson Richardson, born on July 18, 1936, is one of the few footballers who rose to become an NFL owner. Jerry is an American businessman, former NFL player, and former owner of the Carolina Panthers franchise which he established and owned for 23 years.

Jerry played for the Baltimore Colts before establishing the Carolina Panthers.

George Halas

Popularly known as Papa Bear, George Halas was a footballer, team owner, and coach. George was the founder and owner of the Chicago bears where he got his nickname Papa bear. His son George Halas Jnr. took over as President after his death.