No, Tomi Lahren Isn’t Pregnant – Is She Married To JP Arencibia?

No, Tomi Lahren Isn’t Pregnant – Is She Married To JP Arencibia?

Is Tomi Lahren Pregnant? Rumors are circulating about the American conservative political commentator and former television host. So let’s get to know whether it is true news or not.

Tomi Lahren is not expecting a baby any sooner, as per the recent research.

The hoax about her pregnancy had been spread just like a wildfire in a very less amount of time.

Is Tomi Lahren Pregnant?

Tomi Lahren is not pregnant at the moment, and the rumor about her pregnancy is definitely false.

Currently, she is in a relationship with a studio analyst JP Arencibia.

They have been living together for quite a long time which can be the reason behind this sudden spark of rumor.

There can be various theories propounded by the internet fans or media behind this hoax, but it is all proved wrong.

She can be followed on her Instagram handle @tomilahren to get updated about her.

Is She Married To JP Arencibia?

Tomi Lahren is not married to Fox broadcaster JP Arencibia as of the present.

This 29-year-old beautiful media personality has been in a relationship with a former baseball player since early 2021.

Both Lahren and Arencibia confirmed that they are together from their Instagram accounts in August 2021.

But they have not tied the knot together as of now, and there is no news about their engagement in the recent future.

They are usually found spending time together through their respective Instagram handles.

Tomi Lahren Sparks Pregnancy Rumors

Tomi Lahren was assumed to be having a baby bump a few days back while she was having dinner with her partner, as per the local news tabloid.

And the rumor about her pregnancy is not sparked actually by her.

The local reporters had reported that she made a toast using a glass of water instead of alcohol which made the media suspicious about her pregnancy.

Although the concerned parties have made no official confirmations, it was proved a false rumor.

A person’s private life is to be respected by every human being, celebrity, or normal person.

Tomi Lahren’s Partner Name

Tomi Lahren has not been married yet, so he has no husband, but she had been in a relationship with few people.

In June 2019, she announced that she had engaged her then-boyfriend, Brandon Fricke.

Brandon Fricke was running for the congressional candidate as an Independent in California’s 33rd district.

Their engagement was called off later in 2020 due to some personal reasons.

After that, she has been in an official relationship with JP Arencibia as of the present.