PayPal alternatives in Nigeria

ListPayPal alternatives in Nigeria

Paypal does not fully function in Nigeria. However, there is a provision for you to only send money to others or make purchases online using a Nigerian PayPal account.

He is a list of Paypal alternatives for Nigerians to receive money from abroad.

  • Payoneer.
  • Skrill.
  • Cheque.
  • Western Union.
  • 2CheckOut.
  • BlueSnaps.
  • Click2Sell.
  • VoguePay.
  • Interswitch WebPay.

What can I use instead of PayPal?

There are a variety of Paypal alternatives whose operations ar just like that of Paypal. Some of them are; Skrill, Payoneer, Google Pay Send, Stripe, and many others.

Is skrill functional in Nigeria?

Skrill is available to use by residents of Nigeria which is an alternative to Paypal which is not fully functional in Nigeria.

Can a Nigerian make use of PayPal?

Paypal is operational in Nigeria. However, you cannot receive money using a personal PayPal account, but you can open a business account to receive funds online in Nigeria.

How can I get a free PayPal account in Nigeria?

  1. The first thing you do is to go to
  2. Then click on signup.
  3. Fill in your email address (doesn’t have to be Gmail or Yahoo. …
  4. Afterward, type in your password and make sure it is one you can remember.
  5. Go to the next page and type other details such as names, date of birth, address, and phone number.