Photos: Tiffany Cross Weight Gain Explored – Is She Pregnant? Her Transformation Details

Photos: Tiffany Cross Weight Gain Explored – Is She Pregnant? Her Transformation Details

The netizens have sparked rumours about Tiffany Cross’s weight gain. However, does it mean that she is pregnant? Stay with us to know more about her transformation details. 

Tiffany D. Cross is a political analyst and author based in the United States of America.

She is also a 2020 Resident Fellow at the Institute of Politics at Harvard Kennedy School.

“Say It Louder! Black Voters, White Narratives, and the Preservation of Our Democracy” is her first book. 

She is a longstanding cable news veteran, having previously worked for BET Networks as the D.C. Bureau Chief, CNN as an Associate Producer, and freelance Field Producer.

Tiffany has also covered and worked in countless local, state, and federal campaigns.

Photos: Tiffany Cross Weight Gain Explored

The cause behind Tiffany Cross’s weight gain is her health condition. She has been suffering from “debilitating” agony for years, which she just recently discovered was caused by fibroids.

She had initially planned to live with the tumour, but the pain never went away. 

In addition to that, she began to experience additional symptoms, such as hair loss, which prompted her to seek treatment for the disease.

Through her research and investigation about fibroids, she knew that Black women have a disproportionately more significant percentage than other women.

According to a University of Michigan study, over one-quarter of Black women between 18 and 30 had fibroids, compared to only 6% of white women.

Sixty per cent of Black women develop fibroids by the age of 35.

She also discovered that although alternate, less invasive procedures don’t leave as much of a scar, hysterectomies are suggested to Black women more often, which has disturbed Cross.

If a woman is experiencing uterine pain, Cross advises her to consult a doctor.

Is Tiffany Cross Pregnant? 

Tiffany Cross is not pregnant. Furthermore, it looks like she can never become a mother biologically.

The television journalist chose to be open about her recent fibroids fight on Saturday’s broadcast.

Cross claimed that she believed she could live with the tumours and that the agony would disappear until she saw how they affected her body.

She wanted to share her tale about her health struggles with her audience, adding that she hoped it would assist and encourage those dealing with similar challenges.

 The Mysterious Before & After Transformation of Tiffany Cross

The Before and After transformation of Tiffany Cross is solely due to the entire hysterectomy operation. 

Her hair suddenly started falling out around two years ago, prompting her to get serious about the issue.

Her assumption about the fibroids causing her hair loss got even more vital, mainly because of her mother. 

She, who also had fibroids, had similar hair loss difficulties.