Rasputina’s Any Old Actress Lyrics

MusicRasputina’sAny Old Actress Lyrics

They saw her break through barriers 40 feet high.
It was the finest moment in a long life.
Young boys will tack her pictures over their bed.
They saw her mouth move but couldn’t hear what she said.

“You’re a souvenir, a darling, dear.”
She used to say that kind of thing.
“You’re a mantlepiece with strong beliefs.”
Only her black rainbow meant something.

Don’t cry for her now. Oh yeah. Don’t cry for her.

I saw the sailor talking with the cops.
I saw the sailor walking with the cops.
First comes the nurse, that just got back from war.
She had a feather in her cap. That’s all she wore.
Then comes the mother and she’s got a friend.
And they start yelling at you and that’s how it all began.

It’s one of those things you should not try at home.
What’s meant by intentional falls can never be known.
And old actress worth her salt outta know
The higher you are you want to see what’s below.