Richest NFL Owners: Who Are The Top Richest Owners Of NFL Teams? – Ranked

ListRichest NFL Owners: Who Are The Top Richest Owners Of NFL Teams? – Ranked

Owning an NFL franchise or team is a position and responsibility that requires tons of cash and as such many have veered from this career.

Albeit, the many others who took on this responsibility have reaped its benefits bountifully as many of them are listed among the world’s richest in recent times.

Below is a list of the richest NFL owners ranked from the topmost richest.

Richest NFL Owners

  1. The richest NFL owner by far is Football Executive and Businessman David Tepper of the Carolina Panthers. David has a net worth standing at a whopping 15.8 billion dollars.
  2. Ex Football player and Billionaire Jerry Jones is the owner of the Dallas Cowboys and the second to David Tepper with a net worth estimated at 10.7 billion dollars.
  3. Stan Kroenke of the Rams is a businessman and the owner of Kroenke Sports and Entertainment. His net worth stands at par with that of Jerry Jones’ 10.7 billion.
  4. Shahid Khan is a Pakistan-American Billionaire. He owns the Jacksonville Jaguars and has a net worth currently estimated at 8.7 billion dollars.
  5. Stephen Ross, known outside football as Stephen M. Ross is an American real estate developer, and Football Executive. Stephen owns the Miami Dolphins and has a net worth currently standing at 8.3 billion dollars.