Watch: Delta Flight Fight Original Full Video Reddit – Who Were Arrested?

Watch: Delta Flight Fight Original Full Video Reddit – Who Were Arrested?

Delta Flight Fight has been all over the media as it should not happen. While everyone must be wishing Merry Christmas to each other, a fight broke out.

Over-drinking has been always bad, whether regarding the health or social cause. Fighting due to drinking has been common everywhere but, it is ironic to take place on the flight.

Yes, you have read it right, offensive drunk guy, not wearing his mask got into a fight in Delta Flight with another passenger. The video of the unpleasant fight went viral on medial.

Watch: Delta Flight Fight Original Full Video Reddit

You can watch the Delta flight fight original full video posted by Reddit. The fight in the Delta flight had taken place as one passenger was without a mask, loud and drunk.

Another passenger who got upset with him approached him, and then two fought. Other witnesses confined that, the man without a mask had been drinking and being loud.

The guy in the blue shirt was the man without a mask, you can also see in the video that he took off the mask of another passenger. Another passenger successfully separated them off.

Delta Airlines said in a press release, “Safety is always our No. 1 priority and while unruly passenger incidents are rare, there is no place for them, on our aircraft or in our airports.”

TMZ reported no police were at the gate, and both of them proceeded to baggage claim. Some incidents end up with passengers taped to their seats or zip-tied or escorted off planes.

Who On Delta Flight Fight Were Arrested?

The Christmas Eve, Delta Flight fights two of the passengers. Their commotion turned into a physical fight that other passengers had to intervene in.

It was a flight from Los Angele, California to Memphis, Tennessee, despite their disturbing fight in the middle of the aisle of the plane none were arrested for the same.

Both of them were seen in the baggage collection area upon arrival in Tennessee and went their ways to celebrate their holidays. They might not be charged due to festive favor.

Delta Flight Fight Brawl Break Out Video

COVID-19 has changed everyone’s lives and laws too due to its dangerous communicable reasons. Specially masks have been mandated yet positive cases have been detected at airports.

Some have taken it too seriously whereas, others have not been that conscious about its spread. A similar case had happened in Delta Flight. One of the drunk passengers had no mask.

When he was confronted by another passenger, a fight brawl out. The video of the two passengers fighting has been aired on social media that is terrible to take place.