Who Is Ally Maki Boyfriend Travis Atreo? Here Are The Details About The Couple

Who Is Ally Maki Boyfriend Travis Atreo? Here Are The Details About The Couple

Travis Atero is a long-time partner of Ally Maki. The couple has been together for just over the years now. Here are a few details to know about the couple. 

Ally Maki is an American actress, primarily known for her voice acting of Giggle McDimples in the fourth installment of Disney’s Toy Story 4. She also has been a favorite for her feature in The Big Bang Theory, Shakes it Up, and other Disney shows. 

She will soon be seen alongside various actors in the reboot movie Home Alone. The movie will stream exclusively in Disney plus. 

Because she is one of the most famous people, her fans are curious about her personal and dating life.

Who is Ally Maki Boyfriend, Travis Atero? – How Long Have They Been Together For as of 2021? 

Ally Maki and her boyfriend have been together since 2014. Their relationship first started as a rumor. It had been common knowledge that Ally was seeing someone from the entertainment business. 

The actress was found to be dating pop artist Travis Atero.

The couple has created an unbreakable bond soon to be circled by vows of marriage through the years. 

The lovebirds were engaged after Travis popped the question to Ally in 2019. This news came as another happy addition to her happiness just after the successful Los Angeles premiering of her movie Toy Story 4.

The couple doesn’t appear to be in a hurry to be married. They have been enjoying one other’s company and have been each other’s support system, and they will continue to do so as their relationship develops.

Ally Maki Height and Age Explored 

Ally Maki seems to be around 34-years-old. Born on 26 December 1986, she is a native of Kirkland, Washington. 

The Toy Story 4 actress might have an abundance of acting when it comes to acting talent, but she is surprisingly short. Her height has been recorded to be around 5-ft-1 inches. 

Her career still has a lot to see as she progresses to take on new projects as the years advance. 

Meet Ally Maki on Instagram 

Ally Maki is an active member of the social media platform Instagram. Accounting for over 190k followers on the platform, she is available on the platform as @allymaki. She shares her work and daily life update on her personal Instagram. 

The actress first introduced her audience to her now fiance through the same platform as well. 

She shares a constant update of them on the social media platform.