Who Is Aneesha Joshi on The Resident? Meet Anuja Joshi’s Twin Sister Joining The Resident Cast

Who Is Aneesha Joshi on The Resident? Meet Anuja Joshi’s Twin Sister Joining The Resident Cast

Aneesha Joshi’s character on the series The Resident is a fan-favorite character due to her captivating performance. Here’s the full story of how she got the role. 

A recent update has revealed that Aneesha will be joining twin her sister, Anuja Joshi, on the set of Fox’s show, The Resident. Both the sister, Aneesha and, Anuja are blood-related. 

Aneesha debuted in the film industry from her role as Rangoli in the movie, Junooniyat, which got released in 2016. Before she was an actor, she worked as an assistant makeup artist.

Who Is Aneesha Joshi On The Resident?

The actress, Aneesha Joshi, plays an aspiring character of Padma Devi in the show The Resident. She has appeared in a total of 8 episodes since its fifth season aired in 2021. 

She was first introduced in the show in episode Da Da (2021). And recent confirmation has revealed that her twin sister, Anuja Joshi, will also be introduced in the coming episode of The Resident. 

The identical twin sisters, Anuja and Aneesha, will get featured, sharing the same screen.

For now, we cannot say for sure how many episodes she will appear in. 

Aneesha Joshi Age And pedia Details Explored

The rising actor Aneesha Joshi was born on January 9, 1993, and thus she is currently 28 years old. She will be turning 29 in a couple of months. 

She holds American nationality as she was born in Potomac, United States, and of Indian origin. In addition, she is also a professionally trained Bollywood dancer. 

Despite her popularity, Aneesha Joshi hasn’t yet received her official pedia profile. Furthermore, as per her IMDB profile, she is featured in a total of 8 movies as of now. And before debuting in 2016 as an actress, she was an assistant makeup artist.

Does Aneesha Joshi Have A Twin Sister?

Aneesha Joshi grew up with her identical twin sister, Anuja Joshi. As they are similar, one may find it difficult to identify them. 

Aneesha’s sister Anuja is currently trending after she was confirmed to appear in one of the episodes of The Resident. Her career details are presently under the wrap, so; we do not know her previous works.

Moreover, Aneesha and her twin sister, Anuja, will be on the same series and share the same screen. 

Disclosing Aneesha Joshi Net Worth

Buzz Learn has estimated Aneesha Joshi’s net worth to be in the range of $1 million and $5 million. Some of her most prominent roles appear to be in movies Padmaavat, Simran, Heartbeats, and Macgyver.