Who Is Brianna Jaramillo’s New Boyfriend 2021? Teen Mom Young And Pregnant Star Returns In Season 3

Who Is Brianna Jaramillo’s New Boyfriend 2021? Teen Mom Young And Pregnant Star Returns In Season 3

Brianna Jaramillo revealed she and her boyfriend parted ways after he cheated on her. 

Brianna Jaramillo is one of the young moms who stars on MTV’s Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. The show is back with a bang with Season 3 and there’s no doubt viewers are in for a lot of drama.

In the previous seasons, she was living with her mother and taking care of her 3-year-old son Braeson, who was born without a left forearm and hand.

According to The Sun, she got her first apartment all by herself. She currently lives alone with her son.

The new season will probably focus on how she takes care of her son without any help from her mother.

Brianna Jaramillo Split With New Boyfriend

Brianna Jaramillo revealed she has split from her boyfriend after he cheated on her and there is no new man in her life now.

She has been known for getting into a string of relationships throughout her journey in Teen Mom. Her on and off relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Danae, now known as Milo, is also known to all.

Brianna got pregnant after she hooked up with another man following her break up with Danae, as per The Cinemaholic. Danae initially stepped up to the role of baby’s father but he messed up multiple times.

She caught him drunk while he’s taking care of the baby and she eventually banned him from walking in and out of her son’s life. Danae underwent surgery to change his sexuality from a woman to a man.

After they parted ways, Brianna dated Robert Reams. He moved in with her and her family after she moved to Oregon with her mother. They broke up in 2018.

Then, she went on to date Jaden whom she met through Tinder. He was from Texas and they were first involved in a long-distance relationship.

But, Jaden later moved in with her and her family. However, her family did not approve of it and often had arguments about the same.

Who Is Brianna Jaramillo Baby Daddy?

Brianna Jaramillo’s baby daddy has been missing from the picture from day one. She hooked up with her son, Braeson Messiah Jaramillo, biological father at a bar and never met him again.

During the second season of Teen Mom, she received a message from an old acquaintance on Facebook, who claimed to be the baby’s father.

After retelling the events of the night they met, she allowed him to see her son. But, the guy backed off at the last moment and offered to help her only financially instead.

She then turned to a lawyer to legally settle the matter once and for all. The name of her baby daddy is not yer revealed.

Brianna Jaramillo Age & Parents

Brianna Jaramillo got pregnant at age 17. Currently, she is 21 years old. She was born on December 2, 1999.

She was raised by a single parent, her mother Jessica Garza, and grew up without a father. She has five half-siblings.

Meet Brianna Jaramillo On Instagram

Brianna Jaramillo’s Instagram account, @_brianna_lovee, is verified.

It has more than 410k followers. She is quite active on social media and has shared 209 posts so far. Most of her posts feature her son.

She also uses her social media to endorse various brands such as Fashion Nova, Boombod, and Flattummyco.