Who Is “brieahna” On TikTok? @brieahna Real Name Age And Instagram Bio

Who Is “brieahna” On TikTok? @brieahna Real Name Age And Instagram Bio

Brieahna is going viral on TikTok with her Scam Call video series. What is her real name?

Brieahna first went viral on TikTok in mid-2021, when she took on scam callers who claimed to be Border Force agents asking for her details. She was told about a drug-filled package that came in her name.

She turned tables on the scammers who claimed to have a warrant for her arrest over a drug shipment. Brieahna mocked them by playing along with their ploy.

Who Is “brieahna” On TikTok?

Brieahna has more than 102k followers on her TikTok account. She filmed herself playing with the callers trying to get her data to steal her cash and identity, and posted it on TikTok.

She has so far made a series out of the scam calls on TikTok and informed the people what scam calls sound like. Brieahna’s videos have gained more than 2.1 million likes so far.

Brieahna asked people never to give out personal details to strangers and to never click on links that are received out of the blue, reports Daily Mail.

Brieahna works for the Universal Music Group as an Artist Development Coordinator. She started as an intern in 2019 and then moved up to the position of Digital Media Planner and Buyer. She got promoted to the current position in January 2021.

Besides making TikTok videos, she also loves dancing and works as a Dance teacher at Sandra Ward Dancers.

What Is @brieahna Real Name And Age?

@brieahna’s real name is Brieahna Chadevski. People are confused if she is related to Brieahna Chadevski, however, they are the same people.

Brieahna’s current age is 24 years, and she recently celebrated her birthday on December 2, 2021. She did not post any pictures from the birthday celebration this year, but she did post celebrations from her 21st birthday.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Brieahna graduated from the Australian Institute of Music with a Bachelor of Enternationemnt Management in 2019. She completed her high school at Mount Saint Joseph, Milperra.

Brieahna Instagram Bio Revealed

Brieahna’s Instagram bio says Sydney, Australia, and she also mentions her age in the bio. She recently visited the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

She has more than 2.4k Instagram followers and 167 posts as of December 2021. Brieahna is not that active on the social media platform this year as she was in the past.