Who Is Fiona Kotvojs? Here’s Everything To Know About The Politician

Who Is Fiona Kotvojs? Here’s Everything To Know About The Politician

Dr. Fiona Kotvojs, a small businesswoman and farmer, has been chosen as the Liberal candidate for Eden-Monaro by local Party members. Please continue reading till the end and find more details about her pedia, religion, age, husband, Twitter, and net worth. 

Fiona has been chosen as the Liberal candidate for Eden-Monaro by local Party members because of her strong local ties, demonstrated devotion to her community, and demonstrated ability to get things done.

She is a politician from Australia who is well known for being the electorate of Eden Monaro. She’s worked for the division for over 15 years.

Fiona has been recognized for her political involvement since 2005. Because the majority of citizens have questions concerning her, many answers are still pending.

Fiona Kotvojs pedia And Religion Explored

Fiona Kotvojs doesn’t have her biography on pedia’s official domain.

Furthermore, she was born in the Bega. Over the past decade, she has worked as a lifeline counselor. She served eight years in the Army Reserve.

According to NSW Liberal, she is active in the church, indicating she follows Christianity.

After completing her schooling in Cobargo, she went to high school in the Bega.

In 2005, she returned to the Edel Monaro electorate.

Having completed high school, Kotvojs was aware of what her community was lacking. Eurobodalla Council elected her as one of the leaders to protect private properties.

She is currently a member of the liberal party, which aims to bring change to Eden Monaro’s electorate.

Fiona Kotvojs Age – How Old Is She?

Fiona Kotvojs’ age as of 2021 is 55.

The full date of her birth is not known. She was born in 1966, however.

Fiona Kotvojs served in the Army Reserve for eight years and has volunteered with Lifeline for over a decade. She’s a Director of Oxfam, active in her local church, and a volunteer for the Rural Fire Service for more than a decade.

From an early age, she seemed to enjoy helping others.

Fiona Kotvojs Husband And Family Explored

Alan is Fiona Kotvojs’ husband.

Fiona was born in Bega and lives with her husband Alan on the family cattle and truffle farm in Dignams Creek.

Fiona’s partner’s full name is not mentioned anywhere, so we presume his last name is Kotvojs.

Her house was destroyed by fire in January, and she had to fight to save it. Since then, she has advocated for farmers and small businesses affected by bushfires.

Fiona’s family members are two stepchildren, two grandkids, a nephew, a father, and a brother.

Fiona Kotvojs Net Worth Details

Fiona Kotvojs net worth might be between $10,000 to $100,000.

However, Fiona’s net worth is not mentioned anywhere, and her past net worth has also not been documented.

The reason her net worth isn’t disclosed is probably due to legal reasons.

In the future, we hope that her net worth will be disclosed online.

Meet Fiona Kotvojs On Twitter

If you want to know more about Fiona Kotvojs, you can see her on Twitter handle @LiberalAus

There you can see a lot of tweets regarding her political decisions.