Who Is Jacob Clare? Noah Clare Father Arrested – Was He Found?

Who Is Jacob Clare? Noah Clare Father Arrested – Was He Found?

Jacob Clare is a 35 years old father to Noah Clare, who has been arrested and charged for custodial interference after the kidnapping. Find more about him.

Jacob Clare kidnapped his 3-year-old son Noah Clare on November 16, 2021, in a silver-colored Subaru Outback and his niece Amber Clare.

The search for the fugitive was operated throughout the state and especially at the borders and intersections.

Every media and news outlet shows the facial details and images of the two kidnapped kids and the fledging father.

On November 18, 2021, at around 8:40 am, the authorities were informed after a local thought that Noah’s details matched that of a stranger boy he saw at Dana Point of Los Angeles.

Jacob was arrested from the scene, and he was taken into custody, whereas the children were finally happy to reunite with their loving family.

Who Is Jacob Clare?

Jacob Clare is 35 years old arrested father of kidnapped child Noah Clare.

On Tuesday, the 6’7” tall and over 200 lbs divorced father kidnapped his son and his niece and fled the scene.

He violated the divorce agreement and also hampered the child custody agreement he maintained with his wife.

Noah and Amber were kidnapped and taken in Subaru Outback, silver-colored, later dumped in between the traversed road to relapse the pursuing authorities.

The vehicle he abandoned was bought just a week before the alleged kidnapping, and it was later traced back to the suburbs of Arizona.

Jacob, who features a tribal sleeve and shoulder tattoo and brown hair with blue eyes, was reported as a criminal charged with two felony charges by the police department.

His abandoned car also consisted of camping gear, tents, and used clothes that he facilitated while spending the nights.

Noah Clare’s Father Jacob Clare Arrested 

Noah Clare’s father, Jacob Clare, was arrested on November 18, 2021, at Dana Point of Los Angeles after local authority found the similarity in Noah’s face with the media-published images.

For kidnapping two kids and violating the custodial neutrality agreement, Jacob will possibly face about five years in prison with a penalty against his crime.

The estranged father did his best to get back to his son, but he hurt the naive soul emotionally in the process, not knowing anything about how he gave a deep incision scar to his son.

Was Noah Clare Found Safe? Updates On Amber Clare

Noah Clare and niece Amber Clare were found safe by the chasing authorities on November 18, 2021, Thursday morning, at about 8:40 am.

The kids were reunited with their loving family, who traveled to Southern California to meet their kidnapped children.

The pictures of the kids playing happily among the authority presence shined some light of hope and positivity among the followers of the case.