Who Is Oh Jin Taek? Meet The CEO Of Ascottage On Instagram

Who Is Oh Jin Taek? Meet The CEO Of Ascottage On Instagram

Oh Jin Taek, CEO and style advisor of South Korean brand, Ascottage, is now featuring on the Season 1 of the reality tv show Singles Inferno, but how old is he?

Singles Inferno, a Netflix dating series, follows a bunch of cheeky singles as they hunt for true love on a scorching yet beautiful island.

This series is nothing short of pure entertainment, with everything from intimate moments to dramatic confessions to passionate connection.

So, Let’s discover everything about the contestant, Oh Jin Taek, in the article below.

Who Is Oh Jin Taek From Singles Inferno?

Oh Jin Taek is one of the ninth contestants from the latest Netflix reality dating series Singles Inferno.

Singles Inferno is the first reality show to emerge from a partnership between Netflix and South Korean television network JTBC.

As a result, it appears like neither the participants nor the commentators read any pre-written phrases for the cameras, nor are their emotions contrived or guided.

Apart from being the contestant of the reality show, Jin Taek serves as the CEO of the British-style tailored suit brand, Ascottage.

Oh Jin Taek Age And pedia 

Oh Jin Taek appears to be between 25 to 30 years old. 

Jin Taek is yet to feature on the pedia page despite his fame. He hails from South Korea and is of Asian ethnicity. 

Similarly, Taek is a graduate of Business Management. After graduation, he began his career in the fashion sector to gain experience.

Later, Jin-Taek established his own British-style tailored suit brand, Ascottage, in 2019.

He now works as the CEO, style advisor, and managing marketing and managerial tasks in the firm.

Jin-Taek is a dedicated and meticulous person, and he frequently models his outfits for advertising purposes.

Furthermore, the Ascottage has its store in different places, including Dosan-Daero, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, and South Korea.

Oh Jin Taek Net Worth Revealed 

The Net worth of South Korean CEO Oh Jin Taek is estimated to be between $100,000 to $1 million.

Jin-Taek probably has earned a substantial fortune from his business of three years. 

Likewise, he may earn significant money from his upcoming reality television show on Netflix.

Since the cast is paid for their time spent filming, Jin-Taek may have a bright future in the series.

Meet Oh Jin Taek On Instagram

Oh Jin Taek does not have a personal Instagram page at the moment.

However, he features as the model in his business page of Ascottage. 

You can find Ascottage on Instagram with 985 followers and 380 posts under the handle @ascottage_shop.

Jin-Taek frequently appears in their various clothing fashion shoots on Instagram page.