Who Is Selestino Torres And Where Is He Today? Ex Boyfriend Who Killed Michelle Lira

Who Is Selestino Torres And Where Is He Today? Ex Boyfriend Who Killed Michelle Lira

Selestino Torres is the ex-boyfriend and the murderer of Michelle Lira. Continue reading this article to explore his whereabouts.

On July 6, 2009, a panicked Benny Gomez phoned 911 in Houston, Texas, alleging that his wife and stepdaughter had been shot.

When the cops came, Michelle Lira and her mother, Ramona Gomez, were critically injured after being shot many times.

‘American Monster: It Could Be Me,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, depicts the frightening attack in detail and shows how Michelle lost the struggle and died to her injuries. 

Who Is Selestino Torres And Where Is He Today? pedia

Selestino Torres pled guilty to murder and attempted murder after being apprehended and brought to court and was sentenced to life in prison.

Selestino is now detained at the John B. Connally Unit in unincorporated Karnes County, Texas, and will be released in 2039.

Selestino is not listed on pedia’s official page. We do, however, have some information on the couple that could be of interest to our readers.

Authorities discovered Michelle’s involvement with Selestino Torres throughout the inquiry.

She met Selestino when they were both in high school, and while their relationship was on-again, off-again, Selestino, and Michelle appeared to be happy at first.

Despite the fact that Selestino was first favorably embraced by Michelle’s parents, the episode stated that Michelle quickly became aware of his unfaithful behaviors.

Selestino’s adultery was frequently the source of the couple’s recurrent quarrels. Michelle realized the relationship was finished by 2009, and she was over him.

Meet Ex-Boyfriend Who Killed Michelle Lira – Everything We Know

Michelle Lira was a brilliant student who aspired to be a doctor. She was the joy of her family and friends.

Despite her enormous accomplishments and talent, she was a warm and kind person who showed a great degree of compassion and generosity.

Michelle was a wonderful spirit who genuinely enjoyed life, and her death devastated her friends and family, and she is still missed to this day.

Furthermore, after regaining consciousness, Ramona instantly stated that Selestino was responsible for the gunshot. According to her statement, while the two were getting ready to leave in the car, Selestino came up to her window and wanted to speak with Michelle.

He even approached Michelle’s window and asked her to speak with him. When both women looked uninterested in speaking with him, Selestino pulled out his weapon and began firing indiscriminately into the vehicle.

Michelle Lira Parents: Are They On Facebook?

Unfortunately, no information on Michelle Lira’s parents can be found on the internet. Officials have not revealed her father and mother’s identities.

It’s difficult to find them on Facebook since their identity has yet to be exposed to the public.

Furthermore, Selestino’s parents’ information is hidden behind the curtain. However, we are doing our best to reveal their family data as quickly as possible in order to keep our readers informed.