Who Is Toomas Uibo? Find His pedia And Age

Who Is Toomas Uibo? Find His pedia And Age

Wanna Know about Toomas Uibo pedia and age then let’s grab some in this article.

Toomas Uibo is a singer who is the son of very famous Estonian actor and director Väino Uibo who was from the 1970 – in 1975 and in 1977 – in 1981 the Vanemuine theater entertainer, and in 1981 – in 1989 the theater Ugala entertainer.

During the time frame in 1975 – in 1977, he worked at ETV Tartu studio. Toomas Uibo likes to Play the Harmonium. The Estonian-born Musical artist has released many songs with his father.

Toomas Uibo is on YouTube

Toomas Uibo has his Youtube Channel.

He has 1.13K subscribers on his YouTube Channel, as seen he continuously uploads videos of singing. He has uploaded around 20 videos on YouTube Channel.

All About His Net Worth and salary

Toomas Uibo’s net worth is unknown.

All the source of income of the singer Toomas Uibo is what he gets as a Musical artist his earnings is from music and singing in different events. As seen is happy with his earning and having a quality life.

Know about the Toomas Uibo family details

Toomas Uibo’s family details are found a little bit.

Taking about his family, he is the son of a famous Estonian singer, actor, and director, Väino Uibo.

Other than that, there is no information about his family, neither about his wife nor about his children.

Musical artist Toomas Age: How old is he?

Toomas Uibo’s age is 49 years old.

He celebrates his birthday on 29th August 1971. He was born in Estonian and spent all his childhood there. He lives to celebrate his birthday with family members and friends.

Toomas Uibo pedia

Toomas Uibo has no pedia bio on his name.

There are some details found about him on the internet. Singer Toomas still misses getting recognized around the globe. Hope he will be Featured on the page someday.