Who Is Yvelie Kernizan? Everything To Know About The Repentigny Candidate

Who Is Yvelie Kernizan? Everything To Know About The Repentigny Candidate

Yvelie Kernizan is the youngest liberal Repentigny candidate in the federal election. She is now in the Justin Trudeau team, supporting the Quebecers and running the country forward. Here is everything to know about the Repentigny native.

Yvelie Kernizan is just twenty-two and is running for the federal election and is also a Canadian navy.

Her patriotism is at the highest level, and is resisting to move back to where she has come.

Kernizan is a woman with a warrior’s mind; her grit and work ethic shows what she is made up of and where she wants to go in her life.

Kylie knows how to stand for the community and the whole country and never misses the opportunity to present her ideas and views regarding the hindrances turning into the possibilities.

This step has made her famous and people are keen to know more about her future with her pedia, profession, age, and net worth.

Let us explore more about her;

Does Yvelie Kernizan Have A pedia Page?

Despite Yvelie Kernizan’s work at this very young age, she is yet to be featured on pedia.

However, here are some details about the young lady.

Yvelie Kernizan has been living in Repentigny since 7. As she has grown up, she wants to serve the community and eliminate the problems to provide much more straightforward and adequate facilities to the community’s people.

She worked as a young soldier in the Royal Canadian Navy and worked more like a  frontline during the covid-19 pandemic to help and accompany the elders in the CHLSD.

Yvelie Kernizan has her own office at 1011-A on Notre Dame Street in Repentigny, inaugurated on Saturday, August 28.

Here are some more facts about the candidate.

Yvelie Kernizan Age Revealed

Yvelie Kernizan age is 22 years old but has a leadership like that of older leaders.

She believes in creating inclusive, healthier, safer, and cleaner communities all over the country.

Yvelie got her guts to stand on election because of the former Repentigny member Nicolas Dufour who tremendously brought transformation during his period and was elected at the age of 21.

Kernizan also actively plays sports. She thinks that she has the discipline and maturity and says, ” if we did it once, why can’t we do it again.”

Her age is an inspiration to every young adult to do something and give back to the community.

Yvelie Kernizan Profession And Net Worth

As mentioned above, Kernizan has a profession of highly mature people, i.e she is serving the country at a very young age by riding for Repentigny as a liberal candidate to working as a soldier for Royal Canadian Navy.

Kernizan’s work defines how capable she is of doing the tasks that push her limits and becoming the greatest.

Yvelie has gained a little taste of everything a person needs to create their legacy; she has been through her good and bad days.

But the main thing that fuels any human is fulfilling their needs and satisfaction. In the same way, she has collected a good net worth of her own, which is estimated to be around $500k to $1 million.

That’s pretty surprising for any young person.

Yvelie Kernizan Ethnicity Details

Yvelie Kernizan has dark skin, so that people might be confused about her ethnicity.

But we are making it clear that she is a Repentigny native, an off-island located to the north of Montreal, Quebec.

She has been living in Montreal since seven years old, and now she has grown up and is committed to serving the people of her community and giving people equal opportunities.